25-ct Indigo ISO+ Microchips with Prepaid Enrollments and Tags

25-ct Indigo ISO+ Microchips with Prepaid Enrollments and Tags
$15.50 per microchip with prepaid enrollment in AKC Reunite's Recovery Service included - best value!
25-count box of ISO+ microchips with lifetime recovery service enrollment and collar tag included.
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  • Silicone-coated needle for easy implantation
  • Includes plastic collar tags, prepaid enrollment forms and adhesive microchip ID labels
  • 15-digit, 134.2 kHz (ISO) frequency
  • ISO (15-digit, 134.2 kHz) microchips are recommended for pets that may travel to Europe or Canada. The following microchip scanners read the ISO microchip 134.2 kHz frequency: AKC Reunite ProScan 700; AKC Reunite QuickScan 650; HomeAgain Universal Worldscan; Datamars IMAX5; Green AVID 1034/3 MiniTracker 3.
There is no additional charge to enroll a microchip with prepaid enrollment with AKC Reunite for as long as the pet's ownership is not transferred. Microchips with prepaid enrollments are not eligible for Enrollment Rewards Program points.
FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY:  These devices should be used only as directed and only for their intended use. The microchip should be administered by or under the direct supervision of a veterinarian and in accordance with any state and local statutes and regulations applicable to microchips and their implantation.