• Solidly constructed, durable, nylon leash available in your choice of five vibrant colors: crimson red, royal blue, hot pink, hunter orange, or jet black
  • Available in your choice of 4-foot or 6-foot length
    • 4-foot length: helps prevent your dog from wrapping around posts or wandering too far. Ideal for walking your dog along busy streets and congested areas.
    • 6-foot length: most popular leash length; allows dog to explore without too much risk of the leash dragging or getting tangled. Ideal for walking in lower trafficked areas.
  • Available in your choice of 5/8-inch or 1-inch width
    • 5/8-inch width pairs well with matching Extra-Small, Small, and Medium collar sizes
    • 1-inch width pairs well with matching Large-sized collar
  • All leashes feature:
    • 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective stitching on one-side of leash which is visible to approaching motorists from up to 600 feet away
    • Nickel-plated metal clasp (sizes vary on leash length and width)
    • 6-month guarantee
  • Price includes shipping & handling
  • Fast-delivery, ships within 5 business days
  • This is a custom item. All sales are final.